Rural Intelligence on our "Dreamy Bedding"

Posted by Steve Koester on

Many thanks to Rural Intelligence for the article on Sister Moons and our bedding. It feels good to be seen and understood. 

"Eco-friendly, high-end, artisanal bedding companies seem to be the home furnishing trend du jour, but what sets Sister Moons bedding apart from the rest is that it is born from the mores of the Berkshires. All of Sister Moons bedding is 100% certified organic cotton. The factory in India that weaves the cotton is fair trade. The dyes and threads are made from natural materials, and the block-printed designs are produced by a socially responsible family business. The conscious choices made by the three owners have resulted in a striking, ethically made line that in its first few months is already selling well."

You can read the full article here.

Organic Bedding

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