About Sister Moons

In the deepest of darkest of nights, when the sky is the clearest, there is a cluster of stars that can be seen, 410 light-years away, shining, twinkling, surviving and winking, looking as if they are speaking, laughing, gossiping to each other. To find this cluster draw a line using the three stars in Orion's belt and then follow it upward, past his bow. These heavenly bodies are known by many names such as the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, the Seven Wives, the Water Girls, the Daughters of Atlas, and the Sister Moons. 

Left to Right: Dulcinea, Stella & Jade-Snow

Dream Inducing Bedding

Since the advent of language, ancient tongues have woven stories about these female entities. The world-wide mystical, ancient familiarity with these stars has even been considered the oldest shared story in the human conciseness. Sailors have used these stars for navigation, farmers for when to sow and harvest their crops – the Zuni tribe, in New Mexico called them the ‘Seed Stars’, and when the cluster disappeared every Spring, this was the time to sow. Other cultures believe they seeded the planet and are the original seven mothers of the earth. The brightest stars in the formation glow a hot blue and were formed within the last 100 million years. They are extremely luminous and young among other stars, with life spans of a few hundred million years. 

Woven from Organic Cotton & Star Dust

Sister Moons’ products are born from the inspiration of this starlight, tied to the land by only utilizing the best 100% certified organic, long staple cotton. Honoring the sacred feminine by making our product fair-trade, and beautiful, block-printed by hand using AZO-free dyes.

Sister Moons is passionate about the environment and human well-being. The factory that weaves the cotton, and finishes all of the products is part of the Chetna Project, which empowers small farmers to follow Fairtrade standards and helps to make organic farming profitable. The factory is also certified under The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), FairTrade and OEKO TEX. These certifications ensure that the entirety of the finished product, including dyes, threads, and other materials, are all produced organically from natural materials, and are ethically sourced. The GOTS and Fairtrade certification also ensures that our products are produced under healthy and humane working conditions using sustainable water management and energy use.

Our block-printed products are produced in Jaipur, India by a family business that promotes socially responsible health practices for all workers, along with safety standards in their production process, and ecological water use practices.

The Sisters, The Mother

Sister Moons is a family run enterprise. We live in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts. 

Stella: Our supernova, is the mother of Jade and Dulcinea and a master of the kitchen. Ruled by the planet Venus, Stella’s fixation is on balance and harmony. Home and hearth is her domain, creating beauty and peace is an obsession, she brings equilibrium, style and love to the business (which when working with family is a VERY important thing).  

Dulcinea: The youngest of the two sisters, is a mother herself to two beautiful children. Dulcinea (or Dulci to her friends), is the courage of the business. She lights the fire, and kindles it, stoking and ensuring that its flame keeps burning. Without her we would be useless driftwood. A storyteller and an entertainer, Dulci’s creative spark keeps us all engaged, honest and on the lookout for adventure and new endevors. She is captain of the ship.

Jade-Snow: The mercurial eldest sister, is very good at traveling between the vails of fantasy and reality, which makes her role of all things technical, an tricky tinfoil hat to wear. Conductor of electricity in the realms of the unreal, is where she happily resides, joining at meal times to partake in human conversation, this mother of one is most happy walking through snow cloaked forests or floating in the tranquil blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

For every sale we will donate $1 to One Tree Planted, a organization that for every $1, 1 tree is planted.