About Us

Left to Right: Dulcinea, Stella & Jade-Snow

We believe our children deserve a chance. We believe in giving back. We believe we must take better care of our Mother, the Earth. We believe in slow fashion and helping to envision and create a world of inclusivity, peace and awareness.

Sister Moons is a women run business. Our company is located in the foothills of the beautiful Berkshires in Massachusetts, and our manufacturing partners are located in India. As women and mothers we believe that the need to be a responsible business is paramount. We believe in making lasting quality products that are beautiful, but in turn also benefit the supply chain. From Farmer, to factory, to block printer, to consumer.

Our line of particular designs is created with modernity in-mind, while overlapping with the age-old Indian textile tradition. Block Printing and Dabu Printing are the earliest, simplest, and slowest of all methods of textile printing. We create original designs, first on paper, then brought onto a computer, and finally hand-carved into wood blocks and individually colored and printed by hand. The end result is that of something that has been touched and perfected by the hands of dedicated artisans. This often lends to beautiful imperfections.

Sister Moons is passionate about the environment and human well-being. The cotton used in all of our products is 100% certified organic cotton, we did not stop there. The factory that weaves the cotton, and finishes all of the products is part of the Chetna Project, which empowers small farmers to follow Fairtrade standards and helps to make organic farming profitable. The factory is also certified under The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), FairTrade and OEKO TEX. These certifications ensure that the entirety of the finished product, including dyes, threads, and other materials, are all produced organically from natural materials, and are ethically sourced. The GOTS and Fairtrade certification also ensures that our products are produced under healthy and humane working conditions using sustainable water management and energy use. Our block-printed products are produced in Jaipur, India by a small GOTS-certified family business that promotes socially responsible health practices for all workers, along with safety standards in their production process, and ecological water use practices.

We believe our children deserve a chance. We believe in giving back. We believe we must take better care of our Mother, the Earth. In much the same way that we believe in the quality and artisanship of traditional printing methods, we believe in supporting regenerative agriculture, which is based in the revival of traditional, natural farming practices that restore soil health, protect and rejuvenate water sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and sequester carbon in the soil. In the face of the daunting challenge of reversing climate change, we have decided to work diligently towards ensuring that our products are not just carbon neutral, but carbon positive. By using lifecycle analyses of our products to determine our carbon footprint, we plan to offset that impact two times over, to set a bold yet important example for businesses worldwide.

For every sale we will donate $1 to One Tree Planted, a organization that for every $1, 1 tree is planted.